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Published on March 20th, 2013 | by Abhijit S


Tomb Raider, Lara Croft Reborn ! Best Game yet in 2013 ?

Lara Croft has reborn with the new “Tomb Raider” which hit the stores early this month. This game already holds the top spot on the UK All Formats charts for a second week running (Beating “Gods of War”). So you can imagine how popular this Game has become since its release. And as I’ve played it, take it from me that Its a Must! Play game whether or not you’re a fan of this genre of Games.

Now coming to the Main game review, the pro’s and cons, Storyline (You don’t have to worry because I don’t intend to reveal much Story), Graphics and everything, I must say, Lara Croft has been the limelight here; not to mention how Hot Lara Croft is. Below is the Image gallery.

Story is quite interesting. Every time you think the game is going to end, new obstacles come up.In the beginning, Lara Croft with her team of archaeologists will be hit by a lightning and their Ship “Endurance” goes down. But this is the least violent passage Croft faces throughout. To be honest, the physical punishment Lara goes through is just too much. She has to survive on this island hunting animals for food using her Bow and Arrow. It is totally different compared to the previous Tomb Raider. You cannot expect heavy armed Guns, especially in the beginning. Lara struggles to find her team and get them to safety, but almost every time she finds them, some new problem comes up. That’s all for now about the storyline; Because Its super fun if you play it. tomb-raider-lara-croft-bow-and-arrow

The player earns XP for every collectible found, any achievement completed, basically for everything you do which can be used to unlock a series of skills at Base Camps that act as save points. It’s at these base camps where you can also use the points to upgrade Croft’s weapons, making them more powerful.

The Graphics, Gameplay and the Story is just out of the world. Crystal Dynamics have pushed the graphics to its limits. But there must be some Con for this game. Well, the sound effects could have been better, should have taken advantage about the wild forest scenario. Other than the sounds, the facial expressions were very low. Other than these, I cant find too many major problems with this game. Pro’s keep rolling in, starting of with the Graphics is brilliant, excellent Gameplay and Perfect characterization of Lara Croft in this plot, combat skills are good.

The Campaign lasts for roughly 17 hours (At least for me, because I’m not used to playing on the Xbox). So by the time you start the multiplayer mode, you probably would be exhausted. According to me, adding the Online Competitive Mode was not too necessary. But It’s good fun to just pass the time. But the main concentration lies on the Single player.

Well, was it worth all the hype, Of course. All I can say is it’s a Must Play game.

Price : PC – $19.99     (Rs 999)
PS3 – $45.99 (Rs 2499)
Xbox 360- $45.99 (Rs 2499)



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