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Published on November 10th, 2013 | by Abhijit S


Dark Knight is BACK! Batman Arkham Origins : Game Review

It was great risk when a new developer takes over a beloved game series. Rock steady Studios being replaced by Warner Bros. Games Montreal; but that’s always a little fear when a new Game developer is taking over one of the most successful Game Series. Not to say, they have done one fantastic job.


At the start, I just didn’t quite like the game. But as the game progressed and when the Batman had to fight Deathstroke. Now that was EPIC battle. And as you play through, You’ll just fall in love with Batman. At least it did work on me.

The Story line is well written. <Spoilers> Arkham Origins takes place during Year Two of Batman’s vigilante career in Gotham City. It’s Christmas Eve, and the villainous Black Mask decides to celebrate by offering up a $50 million bounty for Batman’s head. He even goes so far as to hire a team of eight assassins, ranging from mercenaries like Deathstroke, to psychopaths like Firefly, to monsters like Bane and Killer Croc.


Gameplay-wise, It is a little hard to get through the missions. I bet people playing Batman series for the first time have to keep the Gameplay Walk through running along side while playing. But that aint a con; It’s how deep the game goes which just makes it that much harder to play through.

The fight with Electrocutioner was a little disappointing. <He was defeated with just one blow.> I still wonder if that was a bug or was made that way intentionally. The mission to catch the Penguin in the ship feels never ending. The fight between Batman and Deathstroke in my opinion was the Best ever! The close combats with the swat teams and the mob is so detailed and perfect that I would run after every person I could beat up. Each combat movement and the fight sequence have been refined extremely which just makes the game that good; Especially the set of Counter attacks. The best part being the take down at the end of fight, the last move is shown in slow motion.

Well, It’s ofcourse a Must play game. But how badly is the question. The start went pretty slow, and once you get through that It’s one hell of a game. I would rate Batman Arkham Origins 9/10.



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