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What is Mobile App Testing ?

Mobile App Testing is process in which the given Application is tested on Hand held mobile devices and Emulators to check for proper Functionality, Usability, and Consistency. And to ensure that your users have a positive experience when they use the app. It’s highly important that the experience is great for every user each time they use your application.

Our goal as an App Tester is to give a suitable Report which can further be used by the developers to make and correct all errors in the App. Thus, providing a Perfect App and getting a Positive feedback from the users. You can read more about what exactly we will provide in the final report in the “What are we testing” section.

Our App Testing Team

We have a team of youngsters, aged around 20 who are all at the peak of Enjoying and using mobile apps to the Maximum extent. Our team consists of 6 Android and 4 iOS App testers.

Why choose us?

Our team has spent sufficient time using variety of mobile apps, Hence we will have a good view on what exactly the end user can expect in a great Application; and will give you a big Advantage to make your app even more addictive. All these views will be provided in the Final Report.

Most importantly, we will use real Mobile Devices to run and test the app; unlike most other App testers who use mostly Emulators to test an App.

Our team currently has a variety of top mobile devices (Samsung, iPhone, Nexus, HTC, iPad, Sony, Android Tablets etc.) and most versions of O.S (Android 2x, 3x, 4x, iOS 5x, 6x) which will get the perfect Result. We will also be using Emulators to check for any and all possible problems and glitches on all the previous OS versions and on every mobile Device which largely varies in Resolution.

We will also compliment your service with us by Writing an App Review and publishing it on our very own Gaming blog. <>

Compiling all these above reasons will undoubtedly make us a better App Testing Team. And, all this done for a Lower Price.

Note: We will not be sharing the app file with anyone. This is a strict policy we follow to make the more secure, private and 100% protected.

What are we testing in an App ?

We check for the following key issues on each mobile device, Version of OS and report the same as a Final Test Document.

ü  Compatibility testing 
To run the app on different mobile device, OS versions, screen sizes and Resolutions.

ü  Interface Testing
Check the functions of all the buttons and navigation flow between 2 screens.

ü  Bug Reports and glitches during the gameplay.

ü  Performance testing
Behavior and performance of the app during different conditions such as low battery, no internet connection, and low memory space etc.

ü  Memory Leakage Testing
Checking for overuse of memory, possibilities of app not running and percentage battery loss.

ü  Installation testing
To test for a safe and successful installation of an app.

ü  Graphical testing
Checking the smoothness of gameplay, and any Graphical issues.

ü  Operational Testing
Behavior of the app during an interruption such as alarm, call, message and also for proper upgrading of the app from respective market.

ü  Favorable User response and Feedback
Most importantly, the user’s response on the app. We will provide all possible views and issues on the app, just to make sure the App to be even more successful.

What is Gamers Pitch?

Started off as a usual Gaming blog. Spreading the word about Gaming online and giving its viewers the latest news and updates in the World of Gaming. And until recently, started to review mobile Applications and post it our website to increase their popularity. This has worked with most of the Apps. Currently with a good amount Average traffic per day from all throughout the world.

Contact us:

E-mail :

Phone :         +91 9611982658

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